Wolves return to haunt EU politics

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“Europe’s wolf packs are racing up the political agenda as farmers seek to protect their flocks from the resurgent predators.

After being largely hunted to extinction across Western Europe, gray wolves are returning to their ancient haunts in rapidly increasing numbers. From the French Alps to the forests of Germany, these lean, keen-scented hunters are reigniting an ancient conflict between wolf and farmer.

 Some politicians are rallying to defend the shepherds and insist wolf populations are now such a threat that farmers should have more freedom to bypass EU rules that forbid shooting them. A mere 300 wolves in France slaughtered some 10,000 sheep last year. In 2016, France had to pay €3.2 million in compensation for wolf kills, up from €2.8 million in 2015.”<<<Read More>>>
Comments from some Wolf Education International members:
From Canada: “Isn’t it nauseating to be right All the time? The wolves are following the scenario we said they would.”
From France: “What a sickening mess …

Regards France

… / … “I hope that no one doubts my boundless love for wildlife, and the fact that I rejoice at … the wolf returning to our territory,” Hulot said in a special video explaining his decision. “But on the other hand, who can ignore the psychological pressure and the dismay of shepherds, with thousands of sheep killed by wolves?” (Nicolas Hulot, Ecology Minister)

Nicolas Hulot has changed his song since, under pressure from the wolf lovers (his electorate)
One of his plans is to remove the legal “anti-wolf brigades” … and most of the permissions for sheperds to be armed.
As Minister of Environment, he should also be taking into consideration the role extensive grazing plays in biodiversity …. but his brain works back to front.
“We’re asking that France revisit the Habitats Directive so that wolves are classified as a pest,” said Jean-Noël Verdier, the president of French farmers’ union Coordination Rurale, in France’s southern département of Aveyron”.
The Coordination Rurale is the only honest Union that has no hidden agendas …
From Canada: “Politics can be so very small! And turncoats are so very pathetic. Hope this can be translated into French!” [La politique peut être si petite! Et les rollcoats sont si pathétiques.]