Wolves may be moving to Western Washington

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GRANITE FALLS, Wash. – Wolves in Western Washington—the Department of Fish and Wildlife says it’s a real possibility, and more and more people are reporting unverified sightings.

“I’ve been hunting since I was 13,” Becca Van Tassell, a Granite Falls native, told us. So it’s safe to say she’s familiar with western Washington’s resident wildlife; she’s even been up close with a coyote.

“I’ve been super close to a coyote—probably five feet away,” Van Tassell said.

That’s why she can say with almost complete certainty that what she saw over the weekend was not a coyote.

“It was pretty big—when we first saw it we said, ‘No way is that a coyote,’” Van Tassell explained. “It was huge.”<<<Read More>>>