Wolves in Colville Valley worry state wildlife managers

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*Staff Note* – Apparently missing from this information are two important facts. One, that dogs and wolves mixing this readily is a sure recipe for cross breeding between dogs and wolves – a sure destruction of the wolf gene. Second, wolves are carriers of disease, specifically Echinococcus granulosus worms, Neospora Caninum, and others. Wolves inhabiting places this close to human-settled landscapes presents a specific danger to people to contract these diseases as well as the destruction of livestock. Neospora Caninum causes fetuses to abort in many livestock species.

“The more times wolves come into contact with humans and human-occupied areas with dogs, the more they become accustomed to that being part of their ritual, behavior and home range,” Shepherd said. “That’s starting to occur on the periphery of the Colville Valley.”<<<Read More>>>