Wölfe am Hochstand auf der Lauer (Wolf at the high stand in wait)

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Wölfe am Hochstand auf Lauer

James Beers, a contributor to Wolf Education International, had the following to say about this wolf behavior: “Lest some will trumpet this as yet another indication of the purported intellectual capacity of wild canids.  Alligators in Louisiana have for decades exhibited a similar proclivity.

As it was explained to me years ago by an old WWII veteran Cajun in Louisiana; “Many years ago alligators seemed to constitute a growing danger to duck hunter’s ability to retrieve ducks and/or sending retrievers into the water”.  As he told it, before WWII alligators were always something to watch for especially where and when their densities increased.  During WWII, densities increased (just as they did during WWI and the Spanish American War) because all the young men were in the military and the women weren’t buying luxury alligator items.

After WWII, as things got back to normal, duck hunters began to notice that alligators seemed to come to gunshots that they began associating with dead ducks laying about and an occasional dog bait without hooks.  Hunters also noticed that certain duckblinds that were used more than others because they were successfully shot out of more often seemed to have clusters of alligators about more and more as the season progressed.  Then some even claimed that the simple noise and commotion of putting out decoys would attract alligators to the area in the morning.  The whole business of shots, busy shooting areas around good blinds and the simple sounds of men plopping decoys was “learned” or associated in the tiny reptilian brain as a table of fresh duck with a dog dessert being set for their benefit.

Wolves probably do have much higher SAT scores than reptiles like alligators but that is irrelevant.  They each learn such things that importune humans in so many ways with little, other than imaginary, benefit and more just like grizzly bears and free roaming buffalo.  The thing all of us should be asking is, “How in the world:

  1. Does anyone think that our fellow men and their families in settled landscapes and thriving human communities must put up with livestock losses/ dog losses/safety threats to children, the elderly, dog walkers, hikers, campers, etc.?
  2. Who is doing this to us?  Politicians?  Bureaucrats?  “Scientists”?  Do-Gooders?
  3. What must be done to put this evil genie back in the bottle?
  4. Who is going to do it?”

 In the meantime, fretting about the obvious among ourselves either leads us to solutions and action or is a waste of time.

As a Siberian biologist once asked me as we ate dinner at a meeting in Brussells one afternoon decades ago, “Beers is it true that in America you have introduced wolves and that you protect them?”  I said, “That is true”.  He looked down at his plate, shook his head and said. “How did you ever win the Cold War?”


Jim Beers