Wolf management must be based on facts, Stahl says

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As a lifelong outdoorsman, retired UW professor Earl Stahl has kept his finger on the pulse of the environment.

Stahl became troubled over the reintroduction and protection of wolves in the United States, and even more so when states like Minnesota and Wisconsin had its state management plans overturned by a federal judge.

The result of that legal maneuver has resulted in unabated wolf population increases and its ensuing impact on big game, livestock and the folks living in their midst.

“After reading many accounts of the devastation caused by wolves and interviewing people who live in proximity to wolves, I became convinced that the majority of people do not possess factual information about wolves,” said Stahl who penned the book Wolves at Your Door. “The book provides factual and documented wolf information for persons who do not have firsthand experience with wolf behavior.”

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