Wolf Hunting Techniques/Depredation

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Wolves chasing prey over cliffs ..

2 recent massacres in France bring this hunting technique to mind ..
.. wild ungulates driven by wolves or cattle and sheep harassed until they break their electric fences and flee; pursued towards a cliff.

* 70 cows chased by wolves .. 18 jump off a cliff

* 53 sheep victims to wolves in the Mercantour National Park, some of which jumped from a rock face.

Over a hundred sheep killed in November 2013(photo below)


and here over 200 … put into bags ready to be lifted by helicopters


This is a well known wolves’ hunting tactic depicted by the highly respected and internationally known authority on wolves – professor Dr. Bibikov.

Excerpt from “The Wolf” Professor Dr. Bibikov. Published by Nauka publishers Moscow 1985.

Page 501 “Driving prey over a cliff – one of the most widespread methods of wolves hunting in the Caucasus.”


This is not uncommon on livestock in France and is known in the US.
A spectacular pile up occurred in Idaho in 2013 where 176 sheep perished.

This is not to be confused with another hunting phenomenon called “surplus killing”.

120 adult male sheep in Montana 2009; 111 in 2008

Over 80 sheep killed in France, June 2014, strewn among the woods, taking over a fortnight to count.
Here, 75 were already totaled: http://www.confederationpaysanne.fr/rp_article.php?id=2631

Below Photographs:
First – Sheep lifted by helicopter after being pursued by wolves over the side of a ravine.


Second Photo: Sheep piled up after being pushed over a rock face.