Video: Wolves continue to kill livestock in northwest Minnesota

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KITTSON COUNTY, MINN. (KFGO) – The wolf problem in one of Minnesota’s northern-most counties shows no sign of going away.

Kittson County Sheriff Steve Porter calls it “a bad situation.” He says last year there were 21 confirmed cases of calves killed by wolves. 15 other “kills” went unreported by ranchers who were probably unaware they could be compensated for their losses by the state DNR. Federal trappers did help, taking 25 wolves. Porter says his survey of another 40 ranchers in the county reported 118 calves were missing when herds were brought in from pastures last fall. While unable to confirm, many were believed to have been taken by wolves and he says it looks like another bad year. There have already been five confirmed cases of calves killed by wolves in the past couple of weeks. <<<Read More>>>