Toddler loses arm after attack from family’s ‘wolf hybrid’

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Wolf Education International position of the perpetuation of wolf hybrids:

It is the position of the majority members of Wolf Education International that the breeding, perpetuation and protection of hybrid, and/or canine mixtures, in the wild and under the claim of sustaining a wolf species or subspecies, is wrong scientifically as well as poses a direct threat to public safety, health, and private property. WEI supports sustaining real wolves in wild places, where they are acceptable to those communities asked to live with them not in settled landscapes where conflicts with the full range of human presence, human activities, and the costs of managing wolves and their impacts are not acceptable and sensibly judged to be prohibitive. 

“OLYMPIA, Wash. (KCPQ) — A 3-year-old boy was attacked Monday when he put his hand into a kennel containing two hybrid wolves, the Thurston County Sheriff’s Office said. His injuries resulted in one of his arms being amputated.

“The child had sustained serious injury to one of his hands and forearm. The child was a resident at this home where two wolf hybrids were maintained by the family within fenced kennel,” the sheriff’s office told Q13 News.<<<Read More>>>