Wolf hunters deployed to French Alps

A team of wolf hunters is operating in a region of the French Alps to kill wolves that are seen as a threat to livestock.The teams were supplied by the state after pressure from shepherds and farmers.In defiance of EU law, the French government has also relaxed the hunting rules to help farmers defend stocks. […]

France employs crack team of wolf hunters

France is set to employ an elite team of wolf hunters to help cull an ever-growing population that’s fast spreading across the country. Source: France employs crack team of wolf hunters – The Local

Norway Imprisons Wolf Hunters in Landmark Case

Norway on Tuesday handed down prison sentences to five men accused of hunting wolves last year, the first such case to be prosecuted in the Scandinavian country, where wolf populations are drastically low. The case at the South Oesterdal District Court in eastern Norway ended with the main defendant receiving a one-year, eight-month sentence, while […]