Wolf management must be based on facts, Stahl says

As a lifelong outdoorsman, retired UW professor Earl Stahl has kept his finger on the pulse of the environment. Stahl became troubled over the reintroduction and protection of wolves in the United States, and even more so when states like Minnesota and Wisconsin had its state management plans overturned by a federal judge. The result […]

Nearly 900 wolves roam Wisconsin

Wisconsin’s wolf population has reached a record high of nearly 900 animals, state wildlife officials announced Thursday. Figures from the Department of Natural Resources’ over-winter monitoring show between 866 and 897 wolves are roaming the state, up 16 percent from last year’s count of 746 to 771 animals. The current population could be even higher; […]

Wolves Attack and Kill Dogs in Wisconsin

Warning! Graphic Photos But it is the reality of being forced to live with wolves. We lost a family member and pet early this morning. This happened only a few yards from the house. My mother in law let Suzie out to go to the bathroom and wolves had their way with her. We are […]

Wisconsin (USA) lawmaker speaks after dog killed by wolf

“Mandy Onesti said she let her dogs out of her Bowler home on Saturday night and then heard squealing. She then saw a large animal drop her dog from its mouth. The wounded 2-year-old Jack Russell Terrier mix ran back but later died.”…. “State Senator Tom Tiffany spoke with Newsline 9 on Friday about a […]

2 GOP northern Wisconsin legislators plan summit on wolves

Two Republican lawmakers from northern Wisconsin said Monday they would convene a Great Lakes wolf summit this fall involving public officials, scientists and citizens from Wisconsin, Minnesota and Michigan to push for state management of wolves. Source: 2 GOP northern Wisconsin legislators plan summit on wolves

Coping with wolves in Wisconsin: Part 1

When I visited the 400-acre farm of Eric and Sue Koens last summer, Eric remarked that, had he known in 1978 what he knows now, he would have purchased farmland in Missouri. What he didn’t know in 1978 when he purchased a former dairy farm in Rusk County, Wisconsin, was that wolves would become a […]

Wolf delisting passes U.S. House

Wyoming’s governor supports an amendment that passed the U.S. House on Friday to restore wolf management duties in Wyoming and three other states. Wyoming wildlife regulators say they’re ready should the bill survive the U.S. Senate and get signed into law. The amendment would also halt future judicial review of federal wolf protections in the […]

Wisconsin Assembly passes bill outlawing hunter harassment

The state Assembly has approved a bill that would prohibit people from bothering hunters in the woods.The Assembly passed the bill on a voice vote Thursday with no debate. The measure now goes to Gov. Scott Walker. The Senate passed the bill on a voice vote last month. Source: UPDATE: Assembly passes bill outlawing hunter […]

Wisconsin Committee Approves Hunter Anti-Harassment Bill

SB 338 is intended to amend current statute to further protect the rights of legal hunters, trappers and fishermen. The bill was approved by the Committee on Sporting Heritage and will now before the Wisconsin Senate for a full vote. Bill Text Summary: This bill makes changes to the laws prohibiting certain activities that interfere with […]

The Tip of the Iceberg

By Earl Stahl In 1978 Eric and Sue Koens purchased a former dairy farm and moved from southern to northern Wisconsin. In 1980 they began raising registered Polled Hereford cattle on their 400 acre farm and have been seed stock producers for the past 35 years. Their herd is comprised of about 50 Hereford brood […]