Wolves facing reduced protection status

The Swiss government wants to downgrade the protection status of wolves – which could lead to more of them being hunted down and killed. <<<Read More>>>

New Wolves Seen in Switzerland? Doubtful

*Staff Note* – After examination of the photograph of “New Wolves in Switzerland” provided with the article linked-to below, Wolf Education International (WEI) wolf experts express sincere doubts that any of the canines shown in the photograph are actual wolves. One grey wolf expert was quoted as saying, “These guys are almost pure dogs, rather […]

Für eine Schweiz ohne Grossraubtiere

Noch vor dem Sommer soll ein Verein «Schweiz ohne Grossraubtiere» gegründet werden. Federführend ist die Schweizerische Arbeitsgemeinschaft für Berggebiete. Google Translate: For a Switzerland without large predators “Before the summer, a club “Switzerland without large predators” to be established. Project is led by the Swiss Association for Mountain Regions.”