Madrid to double farmers’ compensation fund for wolf attacks

Madrid’s regional government is to double its compensation fund for farmers who lose animals to wolves after a steep increase in fatal attacks in the last year. Wolves, hunted to the brink of extinction over the past seven decades, have begun to reappear in the region in recent years. Their return has been most keenly […]

Echinococcus granulosus infection in Spain

Abstract Cystic echinococcosis (CE) caused by the cestode Echinococcus granulosus is an endemic disease in Spain. Although specific control programmes initiated in the 1980s have led to marked reductions in CE infection rates in Spain, the disease still remains an important human and animal health problem in many regions of the country. Human incidence and […]

Avila Cattle Farmers Worried By Wolf Attacks

Two calves killed by wolves in San Juan de la Nava The photographic evidence which suggests that a small community of wild wolves appears to be prospering in the Natural Park of the Sierra de Guadarrama in the region of Madrid has been greeted recently with delight by conservationists, but not everywhere in Spain is […]

Mad cow disease leads to hyper-aggressive wolves terrorising Spanish farmers

*Editor’s Note* – Several suggestions here on how to limit the depredation by wolves on livestock and yet none of the suggestion involve limiting the number of wolves. Wolves have become far more aggressive because of measures instituted to prevent mad cow disease, researchers have said. Iberian wolves in north-west Spain used to live off […]

Wolf Depredation on Cattle in Europe

A new report to the European Commission “Exploring Traditional Husbandry Methods to Reduce Wolf Predation on Free-Ranging Cattle in Portugal and Spain” offers a look at the problems faced by livestock producers in this region of the Iberian Peninsula, but does little to suggest viable relief from problems specifically identified by cattle producers.

Price of Wolves Reflect Change in Spain

“Madrid – Antonio Navarro remembers when hunters paid 14,900 euros ($16,020) for rights to kill wolves nine years ago in Villardeciervos, a village near Spain’s border with Portugal. Now, they can go for about a quarter of that. The drop shows how hard the Spanish countryside was hit by the five-year-long economic slump from which […]

The Xunta consider controlling the wolf population in Padrón and Teo

La Xunta estudiará controlar la población de lobos en Padrón y Teo “Vecinos de la parroquia de Carcacía, en Padrón, y de zonas limítrofes de Teo se reunieron ayer con técnicos del servicio de Conservación da Natureza de la Consellería de Medio Ambiente para abordar la problemática de los numerosos ataques de lobos a ovejas, […]

Spain’s Wolves Make Comeback

In Spain wolves are making a comeback. In recent years their numbers have increased to such an extent that the country is now seen as a wolf stronghold. This development has delighted conservationists, who, not long ago feared the animal’s imminent extinction. But farmers take a very different view, due to the attacks that wolves […]

Pet Dog in Spain Destroyed by Wolves

“No podemos vivir con el lobo” (“We can not live with the wolf”)

““O los lobos o los ganaderos. Juntos no podemos estar”. El vaquero Pedro San Segundo no cree que exista una solución intermedia para un problema que se ha convertido en una obsesión para los ganaderos de Ávila. Cada mañana, al rayar el alba, se acerca a dar pienso a sus vacas, desperdigadas en las dehesas […]