Germany wants looser rules on shooting wolves

BERLIN – Germany’s agriculture minister wants to loosen restrictions on shooting wolves to reduce a growing population that threatens sheep and goats.<<<Read More>>>

France approves cull to save sheep

“Over 8,000 farm animals, mostly sheep, were killed in attacks blamed on wolves in the past year—mainly in the south-east of the country. Farmers say that electric fences and fearsome dogs are powerless in the face of the predators and are demanding greater culls.”<<<Read More>>>  

Wolves kill 17 prized sheep in Price County, leave farming couple to rebuild

When sheep farmers Paul and Judy Canik checked on their pasture on the morning of May 31, their curiosity soon turned to shock. Wolves had killed 17 of the couple’s most valuable sheep. They had slaughtered 17 bighorn ewes. “It was terrible to see them laying there dead like that, torn apart and stuff,” Paul […]

Wolves and Sheep Don’t Mix

In France, the country’s sheep farmers and shepherds are dealing with mounting losses from wolves – and unlike an Australian farmer, they can’t protect themselves with a gun or poison. To kill a wolf in France, even one in the middle of mauling sheep, is to earn a jail sentence. Read More:

Alpes : 62 brebis retrouvées mortes

Le troupeau de 1 400 bêtes se trouvait en alpage dans le vallon de Foues. 62 bêtes ont été retrouvées mortes. Plusieurs brebis ont été consommées et égorgées. Le troupeau a été affolé et les brebis qui se sont entassées sont mortes étouffées. D’autres ont chuté depuis un vallon”, a déclaré à La Provence l’épouse […]

Local wolf pack takes sheep herd

In the evenings, Janet and Buol Heslin can sit on their back porch in Alta and watch wolves emerge from the nearby national forest. The couple has raised sheep for the last 10 years and the last seven on their farm in Wyoming, and they’ve had a few problems with wolves. Source: Local wolf pack […]

Shepherds Fight Back After 129th Wolf Attack

Sheep carcasses are being dumped on roundabouts north of Carros, highlighting a recent wolf attack which killed around two dozen sheep just outside the village of Roquebillière. The number of attacks is on the rise and farmers are demanding action.

A Shepherd’s View: Loudest defenders of wolves don’t know much about them

If a wolf kills an animal considered a heritage breed, the loss of that one animal can significantly impact the breed. If the predator kills a ram, it can be a loss of up to 50 percent of a flock. Using numbers to bolster an argument implies all aspects of that number must be considered. […]

Stragi di pecore alle porte di Grosseto/Slaughter of sheep outside Grosseto

GROSSETO. Decine e decine di pecore uccise in un giorno. I predatori tornano a Preselle di Scansano e a Istia d’Ombrone e fanno la solita carneficina. E nonostante la presenza di cani da guardiania e di altri accorgimenti messi in campo dai pastori, che hanno obbedito alle indicazioni dei progetti realizzati a vari livelli, non […]

Misrepresentation of Facts for Political Gain

In a recent opinion piece discovered in an American newspaper, the writer stated: “…nearly 98 percent of all livestock losses are from birth defects, illness, injuries, and natural disasters…” If true, then 2% of all livestock losses are from other causes. What other causes? This statement is quite misleading and does nothing actually to inform […]