Romania to kill bears, wolves after rise in attacks

Romania on Monday said it would kill or relocate 140 bears and 97 wolves following a rise in the number of attacks on humans, sparking outrage from animal rights groups. The measures aim to “prevent important damages and protect public health and safety”, the environment ministry said in a statement. A government-appointed commission of scientists backed the […]


Livestock Guarding Dogs: from the Transhumance to Pre-Zygotic Selection

From January 2001 to October 2002 wolves were reported to have attacked livestock in 149 households on an area of 69.9 km2, killing 62 sheep, 7 cattle, 1 kid, 2 foals and 186 dogs (157 adult LGDs, 2 pups and 27 small dogs (herding dogs). Dogs were killed in 137 households, other livestock in 24. […]

Wolf Packs in Romania Have Specialized in Killing

*Scroll for Update* The following came from a dissertation from the University of Munich in Germany. I have quoted the German and translated it [emboldened below]. Hope you will enjoy it. Note the order of victims! Sincerely, [Dr.]Val Geist from: Mertens, A. in prep. Socio-economics of large carnivore-livestock conflicts in Romania. PhD Thesis, University of […]

Difende per tre ore la mandria dall’attacco dei lupi

“Tre ore a difendere la mandria dall’attacco di un branco di lupi. È accaduto l’altra notte a un giovane operaio romeno che accudisce i 230 bovini di razza piemontese di Tiziano Aiassa, 34 anni, allevatore di Casalgrasso che in estate trasferisce gli animali all’alpe «Perla Formosa», 1.800 metri di quota nel vallone di San Giovanni, […]

Transylvania’s Wolves

Comments and excerpts found below, are in response to an article about Transylvania’s wolves published at DW.DE., Transylvania’s wolves face uncertain future WEI member comment: “It’s in Romania that they do not let the truth out. Their pro-wolves use Romania as the perfect model of cohabitation! Hordes of hybrid dangerous guard dogs and hordes of […]