A Fairy-Tale Baddie, the Wolf, Is Back in Germany, and Anti-Migrant Forces Pounce

FÖRSTGEN, Germany — They struck at dawn and left a trail of blood and body parts. There were six, maybe seven perpetrators. One had calmly passed Annett Hertweck’s car as she was speeding down the forest path to the scene of the massacre near the eastern village of Förstgen, Germany. Only then did she see […]

Wild wolves in crosshairs of German politics

A municipal gardener reported kneeling by a cast-iron fence one November morning when a four-legged predator approached from behind and sank its fangs into his left forearm. Stunned, the 55-year-old man, who has not been publicly named, struck the beast with a hammer and scared it off, according to his report to town authorities in […]

Why wolves have become a political football in Germany

The German government is mulling some weighty threats these days, Brexit, US auto tariffs… and wolves.  Canis lupus lupus, aka the European grey wolf, is back from extinction and into the middle of the political debate. What to do about the rapidly expanding wolf population was on the docket at the Bundestag in Berlin this […]

Wild wolves in crosshairs of German politics

Environmentalists have celebrated the return of the European grey wolf, a keystone species rooted in German folklore and the fairytales of the Brothers Grimm. But the animals provoke fear and loathing among sheep farmers, equestrians — and some mainly right-wing politicians, who have seized on the issue in a year with three regional elections in […]

Germany wants looser rules on shooting wolves

BERLIN – Germany’s agriculture minister wants to loosen restrictions on shooting wolves to reduce a growing population that threatens sheep and goats.<<<Read More>>>

“You can only find the boots of the unfortunates”

ast 200 deaths every year, and for many decades: in peace, a high death toll. Russia had to afford it in the 19th century. Almost 200 people per year fell victim to the most dangerous predator Europe knew: the wolf ( Canis lupus ). For Central Europe there are no comparable statistics. But certainly it was not a good idea […]

Wolf fatally shot, tied to weight and dumped in lake

*Staff Note* – In the second paragraph of this “teaser,” the author/editor opted to use the term “whose body” describing the body of a wolf that was dumped into a lake. It should be noted that a wolf is not a human being and should not be given terms of human qualities to describe any […]

Wölfe am Hochstand auf der Lauer (Wolf at the high stand in wait)

James Beers, a contributor to Wolf Education International, had the following to say about this wolf behavior: “Lest some will trumpet this as yet another indication of the purported intellectual capacity of wild canids.  Alligators in Louisiana have for decades exhibited a similar proclivity. As it was explained to me years ago by an old […]

A Clear Case of Recreational Sport Killing of 40 Sheep One Wolf

BERLIN (AP) — More than 40 sheep have died in an apparent wolf attack in southwestern Germany, officials said Monday, adding fervor to an ongoing debate in the country on how much protection wolves should get. Sheep farming official Anette Wohlfahrt told the German news agency dpa that a field in the southwestern community of […]

What to know about the growing wolf population debate in Germany

After over a century and a half of extinction, wolves are back in Germany and multiplying quickly. But who exactly is affected by this growth and does it pose a threat to humans?<<<Read More>>>