Romania bans trophy hunting of brown bears, wolves, lynx and wild cats

“Romania has banned all trophy hunting of brown bears, wolves, lynx and wild cats in a surprise decision that gives Europe’s largest population of large carnivores a reprieve from its most severe and immediate threat.”<<<Read More>>>

Danish mayor wants wolves shot

The recent return of wolves to Denmark’s countryside has been celebrated by Danish nature enthusiasts, but for others, including Torsten Nielsen, the mayor of Viborg, it’s been a point of concern. The wolf has been protected in the EU since 1992, but Nielsen wants to apply for permission from the EU to shoot them in […]

Copa-Cogeca resigns from EU platform warning Commission ignoring farmers concerns on attacks on livestock farms by large carnivores like wolves

Press Release from Copa – Cogeca: Copa-Cogeca resigned today from the EU platform set up to find solutions to conflicts arising from large carnivores attacks (wolves, brown bear, Eurasian lynx, wolverine) on livestock farms, warning farmers concerns are being ignored and livelihoods put at risk. In Europe the number of bears now totals 17, 000, […]

Clarifying the Media Claims of French Farmers Being Able to More Easily Kill Wolves

Recently one media report made certain claims about new rules that regulate the ability of livestock owners and farmers to kill wolves that are attacking livestock and/or destroying private property. Among the issues discussed were: 1. “Under new rules, a farmer can legally kill a wolf, even in zones where it is officially protected, if […]