Harmless or vicious hunter? The uneasy return of Europe’s wolves

To some it is a roe deer that eats meat: an adaptable animal capable of living peaceably alongside humans. To others it is a demonic killing machine that ruins farmers – and whose presence is a symbol of the city’s contempt for rural life. The wolf is on the rise in Europe. This winter it finally […]

Are we crying wolf? A European tale of farmers vs. nature

Wolves have made a comeback in Europe thanks to years of strict protection. But not everyone is happy and politicians are struggling to find the right balance between protecting nature and helping farmers.<<<Read More>>>

The Wolf at the Door

It is not often that you see wildness erupting into a man’s life, but it happened in front of me. Sotiris Stamoulis, a shepherd who keeps his 300 breeding goats in the beautiful blond wood pasture of Mount Gerania outside Corinth in central Greece, was only 18 inches away from my face but shouting his […]

Wolf Depredation on Cattle in Europe

A new report to the European Commission “Exploring Traditional Husbandry Methods to Reduce Wolf Predation on Free-Ranging Cattle in Portugal and Spain” offers a look at the problems faced by livestock producers in this region of the Iberian Peninsula, but does little to suggest viable relief from problems specifically identified by cattle producers.

Key actions for Large Carnivore populations in Europe

“This document has been prepared for the European Commission, however it reflects the views only of the authors, and the Commission cannot be held responsible for any use which may be made of the information contained therein.”

Lassen sich Großraubtiere in bewohnter Kulturlandschaft halten?

VALERIUS GEIST, Calgary/Kanada Vor mir liegt das 2013 verfasste Manifest der International Union for the Conservation of Nature (IUCN), Species Survival Commission (SSC), über die Hege von Raubtieren in Europa (European carnivore conservation) mit dem Ziel: „Das Erhalten und Restaurieren von lebensfähigen Beständen der Großraubtiere in ganz Europa als einen integralen Teil von Ökosystemen und […]

Loups: plaidoyer pour des écosystèmes non désertés par les bergers/A Plea for Ecosystems not to be abandoned by Herders

TRIBUNE – Nos paysages emblématiques de montagnes, collines, bocages et marais sont constitués d’une mosaïque de milieux façonnés au fil des siècles par les pratiques paysannes. La vitalité de ces espaces, de plus en plus appréciés par nos sociétés urbanisées, se dégrade rapidement quand ils ne sont plus entretenus par le pâturage des troupeaux notamment. […]