Wolf attacks on cattle and hunting dogs rise

*Editor’s Note* – Before, during and after reading this news article, the WEI staff highly recommends that readers first look at and refer to a study about the DNA make-up of so-called gray wolves in the United States. Please follow this link and then click on the link to “Science Advances.” The more serious problem […]

Wisconsin (USA) lawmaker speaks after dog killed by wolf

“Mandy Onesti said she let her dogs out of her Bowler home on Saturday night and then heard squealing. She then saw a large animal drop her dog from its mouth. The wounded 2-year-old Jack Russell Terrier mix ran back but later died.”…. “State Senator Tom Tiffany spoke with Newsline 9 on Friday about a […]

Canines Host to Abortion-Causing Parasite

Eventually, after submitting fetuses to the Wisconsin Veterinary Diagnostic Laboratory for testing, the Koenses found the cause of their herd abortion problem to be Neospora caninum, a protozoan parasite that can affect a variety of large and small animal species, including cows, sheep, deer, goats and horses. The parasite causes a disease called neosporosis, which […]

Over tusen personer deltok i fakkeltog for ulvetatte hunder

Da elghunden Molly ble tatt av ulv på jakt i Stavåsen 1. november, bestemte jaktkamerater seg for å arrangere fakkeltog til minne om henne og andre ulvetatte hunder i distriktet. I Sverige er det arrangert fakkeltog 12. november i flere år. Etter hvert kom andre steder i Norge med, og torsdagens arrangement i Leiret var […]

New Wolves Seen in Switzerland? Doubtful

*Staff Note* – After examination of the photograph of “New Wolves in Switzerland” provided with the article linked-to below, Wolf Education International (WEI) wolf experts express sincere doubts that any of the canines shown in the photograph are actual wolves. One grey wolf expert was quoted as saying, “These guys are almost pure dogs, rather […]

Porta fuori il cane e scopre un branco di lupi intorno al cortile

Brings out the dog and discovers a pack of wolves around the yard L’episodio a Jouvenceaux, una frazione di Sauze d’Oulx. Il racconto: “Prima si è avvicinato uno solo, ho gridato e l’ho messo in fuga e sono rientrata. Ma poco dopo si sono presentati in sei”

Yet Another “Benefit” of Forcibly-Imposed Wolves?

Please read the following disease notice (titled as an innocuous “Pet Health Topic”) presented under the auspices of Washington State College of Veterinary Medicine. Note the lines I have underlined and highlighted. If as is known, but frequently denied: – Tapeworm eggs of all sorts found in the feces of wolves (Apex contractors and spreaders […]

New Hampshire a “Dumping Ground” For Wolf Hybrids

“You can still import wolf-hybrids from out of state, and while it’s illegal to sell them in New Hampshire a quick google search will show that doesn’t mean it isn’t happening. Refuges like NEWARC and the one in Alexandria exist because when someone’s adorable hybrid puppy grows into a 200-pound, sofa-shredding wolf-dog, it needs a […]

Gene Flow between Wolf and Shepherd Dog Populations in Georgia (Caucasus)

Natia Kopaliani, Maia Shakarashvili, Zurab Gurielidze, Tamar Qurkhuli and David Tarkhnishvili Abstract We studied the distribution of the mitochondrial DNA haplotypes and microsatellite genotypes at 8 loci in 102 gray wolves, 57 livestock guarding dogs, and 9 mongrel dogs from Georgia (Caucasus). Most of the studied dogs had mitochondrial haplotypes clustered with presumably East Asian […]

Study finds recent wolf-dog hybridization in Caucasus region

Summary: Hybridization of wolves with shepherd dogs in the Caucasus region might be more common, and more recent, than previously thought, according to new research. Scientists found recent hybrid ancestry in about ten percent of the dogs and wolves sampled. About two to three percent of the sampled wolves and dogs were identified as first-generation […]