New study questions wolf DNA

Stop the freight train — brand-new DNA study involving North American wolves and coyotes threatens to derail the whole concept of what we consider “pure wolves,” as well as the federal reintroduction programs dealing with them. Researchers from Princeton University studied the genomes from a variety of gray and red wolves as well as coyotes. […]

Wolf attacks on cattle and hunting dogs rise

*Editor’s Note* – Before, during and after reading this news article, the WEI staff highly recommends that readers first look at and refer to a study about the DNA make-up of so-called gray wolves in the United States. Please follow this link and then click on the link to “Science Advances.” The more serious problem […]

Wolf Species Are Part Coyote

Gray wolves, pushed to near extinction in the 1960s, have roamed North America alongside two other wolf species—the red wolf in the southeastern U.S. and the Eastern wolf in the area surrounding the Great Lakes. But an analysis of their genomes has revealed a surprise: they are all actually one type of wolf, with varying […]

Two Canines Shot [Iowa, USA] Test Positive as Wolves

Press Release from the Iowa Department of Natural Resources: *Editor’s Note* – WEI assumes the perspective that if it takes DNA testing for wildlife officials to be able to determine the difference between a wolf (protected species) and a coyote (not protected varmint), then it is impossible to “educate” hunters in order that they not […]

Sweden to study Russian wolf DNA

The number of wolves in Sweden, around 400, is so low that there is a definite danger of inbreeding. Earlier this month the Environmental Protection Agency released a report that said the country needs at least 300 wolves to maintain a healthy population. Source: Sweden to study Russian wolf DNA

Wolf Taxonomy, DNA, Hybridization and Recognition

Gene Flow between Wolf and Shepherd Dog Populations in Georgia (Caucasus)