Coyotes: Kill or Koexist?

When unfamiliar residents move into your neighborhood, they may raise concerns, fear and even hostility among those already there. This is particularly true if the new arrivals are of a different species. Coyotes found this out a long time ago when human settlers began taking over much of their habitat. Now, people are finding out […]

Washington spent $15,000 to shoot wolf, much more to avoid it

The Washington Department of Fish and Wildlife spent $15,097 to kill a wolf last summer in the Sherman pack, about one-tenth the amount that was invested in keeping the pack from attacking livestock, according to a department report released Dec. 15. WDFW paid $134,170 for range-riders and other preventive measures in the pack’s territory in […]

EarthJustice Claims: War on Wolves Act Threatens More Than Wolves

Wolf Education International (WEI) statement about information and the context of this article: Wolves (like gun control; federal jurisdiction expansion into Constitutional State authorities; property rights; federal preferences based on conceptually repugnant criteria such as government designations of certain racial features or sexual manifestation; etc.) are the fulcrum of endless political and cultural disputes that […]

Kivalliq elder calls for cull of wolves, bears, wolverines to protect caribou

As you may know, those of you who are 60 to 70 years old remember that the last time the governments had programs to cull wolves was way back in the 1950s, and it didn’t last very long either. Wolves and other meat eaters were poisoned over one winter or so. As you may know, […]

Government to pay 24.7 million drams as rewards for killing 200 wolves

YEREVAN, 21 April. /ARKA/. The Armenian government has earmarked 24.7 million drams (about $51,500) to pay to hunters who have killed 200 wolves this year, nature protection minister Aramayis Grigoryan said at a Thursday Cabinet meeting. Source: Government to pay 24.7 million drams as rewards for killing 200 wolves