Rescue response delayed for woman treed by wolves in Okanogan Co.

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Officials said the wolves who surrounded a young woman in Okanogan County, forcing her to climb a tree for safety, in July were part of a known wolf pack.

The wolves are part of the known Loup Loup pack. It is believed there are six to eight wolves in that pack. According to a map from Fish and Wildlife, experts believe their territory may be changing.

The entire area where they were spotted is very remote, but it is well known. It is heavily used by campers, hikers, and hunters.

The good thing is, the woman who encounter the wolves was safely rescued. However, when we were initially told it took 14 minutes to get to her. It turns out, that’s not exactly what happened.

There was a great deal of confusion as Okanogan County dispatchers tried to launch a rescue operation. They said they kept getting met with resistance from the state. As a result, that young researcher sat in a tree, surrounded by a pack of wolves for over an hour.<<<Read More>>>