Price of Wolves Reflect Change in Spain

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“Madrid – Antonio Navarro remembers when hunters paid 14,900 euros ($16,020) for rights to kill wolves nine years ago in Villardeciervos, a village near Spain’s border with Portugal. Now, they can go for about a quarter of that.

The drop shows how hard the Spanish countryside was hit by the five-year-long economic slump from which the country is now emerging, said Navarro, a former economist at power company Iberdrola who now runs a hotel in the region. It may also be evidence that wolf-spotting tours and environmental awareness are leading Spaniards to see the animals as better alive than dead, he said.

While still viewed as an ancestral foe in the Spanish highlands — a wolf corpse was left hanging from an Asturian road sign last month — farmers and conservationists are finding enough common ground to allow the mythical predators to survive in their natural habitat.”<<<Read More>>>