Numerous Accounts of Surplus Kills by Wolves

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Swedish Wolf Slaughters 20 Lambs in Killing Spree:

“A blood-thirsty wolf in central Sweden went on a killing spree leaving seven animals dead, while a further 13 had to put down as a result of injuries sustained in the attack.”

In this report is it stated in regards to the 20 lambs that were killed that, “It doesn’t happen very often. Usually it is far fewer animals that die,” a livestock grower in France made the following comment:

“No ! This is NOT true! Most killings are surplus killings … very, very rarely do wolves kill few animals when they kill livestock.”


In Sweden, 38 sheep were slaughtered by wolves. 17 of those sheep were seriously injured, eaten alive, and some were still alive. The photo below shows some of the carnage.

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In France, Mickael Viale has had 130 sheep killed this year. Recently 85 were ripped apart and killed by wolves. Now, another 27. In frustration he took 11 of the dead sheep and placed them at the doorstep of the Mercantour National Park house.

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Wolves Kill 36 Sheep in Armenian Village

“This is not the first attack by the beasts reported in Armenian rural communities this year. Similar attacks were reported in May in a number of villages of Aragatsotn, Syunik and elsewhere in the country, with farmers losing dozens of their sheep every time.”