Nearly 900 wolves roam Wisconsin

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Wisconsin’s wolf population has reached a record high of nearly 900 animals, state wildlife officials announced Thursday.

Figures from the Department of Natural Resources’ over-winter monitoring show between 866 and 897 wolves are roaming the state, up 16 percent from last year’s count of 746 to 771 animals.

The current population could be even higher; volunteer trackers counted wolves during the winter, when the population reaches its lowest point before pups are born.

Most of the wolves — between 838 and 869 animals — belong to 222 packs concentrated mostly across the northern third of the state. About 30 packs were located in a swath of west-central Wisconsin running roughly from Chippewa to Marquette counties. Monitoring efforts last year detected 208 packs.

Source: Nearly 900 wolves roam the state

Comment from author and WEI contributor: “Truth be told, total population is at least 1,600.  The number put out by the WI DNR is the minimum and that number does not include litters born this spring.”