Jäger entkommt Wolfsattacke

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Kreis Lüneburg: Jäger entkommt Wolfsangriff nur knapp durch Warnschuss. Es ist die erste aktenkundige Wolfsattacke in Deutschland seit den 1970er Jahren. Die ganze Geschichte, sowie die merkwürdige Reaktion der Behörden lesen Sie exklusiv im neuen JÄGER.<<<Weiterlesen>>>

English translation by Google:

*Update* – April 13, 2015 7:45 am.

A response from Dr. Valerius Geist about the above article and wolves in general:

Thank you for this e-mail. Matters are unfolding as expected and predicted. 5 days ago, in Germany, I watched a brief video of a “wolf” confronting a vehicle, with such assertiveness, that, had it happened here at home I would have killed it. I fear for the next unfortunate victim, and I predict that we need not wait very long. As to “wolf”, the only skull I saw of a “German wolf” was that of a robust dog. Instantly recognizable as such. Sorry, but facts are facts.


Val Geist
Professor Emeritus of Environmental Science

Please note:

If nothing is done, than the next unfortunate incident is not far off. I recommend negative conditioning of wolves, to commence quickly and thoroughly, done to make wolves avoid humans. A blast of pepper spray – and there are pistols available that can deliver such – delivered to the head is likely to be effective. Unfortunately, that will also shift the wolf from daylight to night time investigation of humans, and will only minimize attacks, not inhibit such. I am not as conceited as to believe that this recommendation has the slightest chance of being implemented, but it does clear my conscience.


Valerius Geist
Professor Emeritus of Environmental Science