Historic Facts When Wolves Are Over Protected

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In response to an article presented on an activist website exclaiming the “victory” of when a United States federal judge, Beryl Howell, placed gray wolves back under government protection due to a self-perceived interpretation of the Endangered Species Act and disregard for existing laws, Will Graves offers a blunt reminder of global historic accounts of over protected wolves.

January 01, 2015 by Will Graves

“Look what happened in Czarist Russia, the former USSR, parts of France, the Sakha Republic when wolf numbers were not controlled. It was a disaster. In Sakha in 2012 wolves killed 16,111 reindeer and about 320 horses. This is what happened when wolf numbers were not controlled. There is also the problem and threat of wolves carrying and spreading dangerous and damaging parasites over wide areas. All of these countries have had much more experience with wolves than we here in the United States.

“There is no “balance of nature.” Man controls the population of animals – including wolves. The population of wolves in not controlled by any epizootic diseases but by man. The Russian scientist Dr. L. P. Sabaneev first reported this in his book, “Predatory Animals” back in 1876, and it has been repeated in other Russian literature. Just look at the peeks and falls of wolf populations that happened in Czarist Russia, former Soviet Union, France and in the Sakhs Republic of Russia. It has been humans that controlled wolf populations.”
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Will Graves is the author of “Wolves in Russia – Anxiety Through the Ages” and co-author with Ted Lyon on “The Real Wolf