Govt to Slaughter Entire Area’s Wolf Population to Protect Beef Industry

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*Staff Note* – Members at WEI take issue with serious misleading headlines, such as the one above and was found to the article linked to below. The headline leads all readers to think that authorities are going to “slaughter” an “entire wolf population” to “protect the beef industry.” The reality is that one pack of wolves is going to be eliminated because the entire pack has resorted to subsisting off livestock. It is a far cry from “slaughtering” an entire wolf population and removing one pack. Such misleading and inflammatory headlines serve no rational purpose except the promotion of personal agendas.

For those who don’t know and or have forgotten, or choose to forget, the “Deal” was that wolves would not have any negative impact on ranchers and the public in general, and if they did, a system of dealing with these sort of depredations had to have been put in place. The honest intent here is not the “slaughter” of wolves anywhere in the United States or their territories. It is, however, responsible management and protecting the rights and property of citizens. 

WEI member and founder Will Graves, who has studied wolves and wolf behavior for many years, commented to WEI, “My extensive research about wolves in Czarist Russia, the former USSR, and the Russian Federation shows that when a pack of wolves starts to attack and feed on domestic livestock, they do not stop preying on domestic cattle.   The wolves learn that domestic animals are easy prey.  Culling a few wolves from the pack is not effective.   The entire pack must be culled.   Wolves do not belong in human settled areas.”

“Seattle, WA — An entire wolf pack has been marked for slaughter by the Washington Department of Fish and Wildlife. The decision was made to protect a nearby cattle farm after several cows were found wounded or killed.”<<<Read More>>>