Congress Says You Should Be Able To Kill Bears And Wolves From Airplanes In Alaska

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WASHINGTON — On Wednesday, Congress took its first step toward repealing a ban on shooting wolves and bears from airplanes, along with other hunting activities that were halted by the Obama administration, across large wildlife refuges in Alaska.

The House of Representatives voted 225 to193, largely along party lines, to undo a recent Department of Interior rule that had pitted federal and Alaskan wildlife officials against each other over how to manage animal populations in the state’s 16 national wildlife refuges.

After passing the House of Representatives on Thursday, the resolution is likely to become law; it now just needs approval by a majority of the Senate, where Republicans can provide all of the votes they need, and President Trump.

Sen. Dan Sullivan of Alaska says he supports the resolution and expects it to pass the Senate as well, according to a spokesperson.<<<Read More>>>