Close encounter of the wolf kind

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A Hay River man recently had a close encounter with a pack of wolves that left him shaken for days.

Junior Barnes ran into five wolves while hunting for prairie chickens on Oct. 13 just off Highway 5 east of Hay River.

“It was Friday, the 13th,” he noted.

Barnes was hunting on an old CN access road, just past Birch Creek about 25 km east of Hay River.

After walking on the overgrown road with his chocolate lab for about a kilometre – and not seeing any grouse – Barnes turned around to walk back to his truck.

About halfway back, he saw something about 70 feet away on the trail ahead.

“There was a slight bend in the road, and I could see this black thing in the trail. And I thought, ‘Holy crap,’” he recalled of spotting the wolves. “I stopped and when I looked closer, there were two black and three silver grey ones.”

Barnes said his legs went rubbery and he started thinking about what he should do.<<<Read More>>>