A More Ethical Method of Large Predator Reintroduction

*Staff Note* – Below is an email sent to the editor of Wolf Education International from Dr. Valerius Geist. Attached to the email was an interesting article from Dr. A.J.T.Johnsingh, Nature Conservation Foundation, WWF-India and Corbett Foundation. The article contains information about efforts that were and are being made to ready a wilderness preserve for […]

Children forced to arm themselves with axes to fend off WOLVES and BEARS in Russia

  Children are given axes to protect them from rogue wolves in a forest  They have to walk to school in the Russian republic of Bashkortostan  A wolf was spotted on the path recently but the bears are hibernating    Children walking to school in a region of Russia have been armed with axes because of […]

WEI Scientist to Collect Siberian Wolf DNA in Yakutsk

Kaj Granlund, Finnish scientist, author, and  member of Wolf Education International (WEI), has organized a trip to Yakutsk, Sakha Republic to collect samples of DNA of Siberian wolves.  He and two others will be conducting research in Yakutsk from 14 – 19 March.  Below is a copy of their Action Plan, and we have permission to […]