2018 Depredation Chart

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Here is the data we’ve gathered so far this summer on cattle depredation.  I can name the owners of each kill except on the Grouse Flats and Teanaway events.

The Smackout pack killed a replacement heifer on PRIVATE Ground this past weekend. ALL the smackout depredations this year are on PRIVATE Ground. The biologists (Beers, Remington , Graves, Geist)  on my team view this pack as a threat to public safety due to proximity to residential areas at Deep Lake and elsewhere in that valley.  The losses cited here represent SUBSTANTIAL economic loss to each rancher in terms of lost productivity (calf yield), Body condition/weight, decreased pregnancy rates, cattle irritability, labor costs and infrastructure damage.

1. Lethal removal of smackout wolf and translocation of pack away from human habitation and private grazing ground ASAP
2. Full removal of New Profanity pack.

1. New Profanity pack is a remnant of Profanity Peak, Sherman, and maybe Togo. This pack has stayed habituated to cattle for over five years, never modifying its behavior. This group has affected at least three individual ranchersFull removal is warranted
2. Smackout pack is operating in private pastures and in proximity to human habitat.  Full removal away from private ground and humans for public safety is warranted. This pack has affected four individual ranchers.
2018 Depredation Data_SM_102118

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