Wolves’ Tactic to Lure Domestic Dogs Into Ambush Attack

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An article found at CBC News in Canada, relates the story of a third domestic dog being attacked and killed by wolves:

“This past weekend, wolves attacked and killed a Yukon family’s dog in the Judas Creek subdivision at Marsh Lake.

It is the third reported incident of a wolf attacking a dog in the Marsh Lake area. The last attack was at the end of December.

David Bakica, a Yukon conservation officer, says cold weather could be contributing to the wolves’ search for food and peoples’ dogs are an easy target.

“One wolf will often come around and dance around and play, the dog will bark and go after it. Once they get a little ways away from houses or people other wolves will show up and that’s the end of the dog.””(emphasis added)<<<Read More>>>

In his book, Wolves in Russia: Anxiety Through the Ages, Will N. Graves writes of such tactics.

From a WEI member and contributor in Finland, he writes: “I have not seen or heard about wolves using this technique in Finland.

Over here wolves kill more than 1 – 2 dogs each week. Most of the dogs being caught and eaten by wolves are hunting dogs. However, it happens that wolves eat dogs being chained and unable to escape. I have also read about wolves digging their way into the pens or biting themselves through the wire link fence. To give you some idea about the damage wolves cause to our dog owners and hunters I have listed all dates when a dog was killed by wolves in Finland between Aug. 20 2014 and Nov. 21 2014. These are official reports but I know at least two incidents in my neighbourhood where a dog was killed by wolves but the incident was not reported. This due to the fact that the insurance companies do not pay anything for dogs over 10 years of age.

20.8.2014, 30.8.2014, 1.9.2014, 1.9.2014, 3.9.2014, 3.9.2014, 8.9.2014, 12.9.2014, 15.9.2014, 16.9.2014, 17.9.2014, 21.9.2014, 22.9.2014, 27.9.2014, 27.9.2014, 28.9.2014, 5.10.2014, 6.10.2014, 5.10.2014, 11.10.2014, 11.10.2014, 12.10.2014, 13.10.2014, 24.10.2014, 29.10.2014, 30.10.2014, 31.10.2014, 31.10.2014, Sotkamo-lehti 4.11.2014, 6.11.2014, 7.11.2014, 16.11.2014, 18.11.2014, 20.11.2014, 20.11.2014, 21.11.2014.”