Wolves Slaughter 18 Elk in One Night on Wyoming Feed Grounds – None Eaten

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This is what happens when we are not allowed to manage. Warning: Very heartbreaking for our “other” wildlife.
We had 18 elk slaughtered by wolves on our feedgrounds in one night this week. 16 were calves that were not eaten at all – killed and left for dead. The others were two pregnant cow elk. The wolves ripped the fetuses from the elk – most likely from signs we observed, while they were still alive – to later die. Again they did not eat the cows. This makes nearly 70 elk slaughtered by wolves on our feedgrounds alone this winter. That doesn’t include anything off the feedgrounds. We must use common sense, decency and real conversations to regulate this issue.

Below is a comment from Will Graves, author of Wolves in Russia: Anxiety Through the Ages and The Real Wolf.

“In 1951 I started researching the habits, characteristics, and nature of wolves in Czarist Russia and in the USSR.  One of the first things I learned was that wolves are, by habit and nature, surplus and wanton killers.  I had always read and been told that wolves kill only the animals or birds they need to eat – my research showed that this was not true. Wolves are powerful predators, and surplus killing is a characteristic and habit of them.   Wolves also cause prey animals to suffer terribly.  Wolves will often eat only the soft parts of a prey animal while it is still alive.  Then leave it to die a slow and painful death.  An example of the surplus killing of wolves has recently been documented.  Here is a photo of the results.  Anyone who says wolves are not surplus killers is blind to the facts and evidence.     Will”