Wolves in the West: Wolf management in Idaho

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Nearly 25 years after Rocky Mountain gray wolves were reintroduced to Central Idaho, wolves have had a negative impact on ranching and rural communities that likely will never go away and could get worse, officials say.

In the past two years, wolves set new records for killing cattle and sheep in Idaho. They also killed farm animals such as horses, goats and llamas. These were just the confirmed kills.

The story of wolf recovery in Idaho is largely a story about broken promises, unfunded mandates and challenging wildlife management, officials say.

Wolves were intended to stay inside the Central Idaho Wilderness, but they didn’t. Wolves were supposed to be delisted from the Endangered Species Act after 10 breeding pairs recolonized the Central Idaho wilderness, but they weren’t. Wolf numbers exploded in Idaho to an estimated minimum population of 800 to 1,000 wolves, occupying the mountains from Interstate 84 to Canada.<<<Read More>>>