Wolves Attack Chinese Villagers, Six People Left Disfigured

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*Warning* – The linked-to article provided here by the WEI staff contains graphic photos, the results of wolves attacking humans in a Chinese village, that may not be suitable for all readers. Please consider the ramifications.

“Horrific wolf attack in Chinese village leaves six people disfigured and one missing an ear after pack of five ‘starving mad’ beasts surrounded small farming community.

Two seriously injured in attack by wolves driven mad by hunger
One victim has ear torn clean off, while others suffer scratches to face
Starving beasts attacked humans after drought killed off their usual prey”

As part of an email exchange among Wolf Education International (WEI) members, Dr. Valerius Geist offered the below quote in response to the article about wolves attacking Chinese villagers:

“And this is what the European commission wants to spread throughout Europe? The Germans say “da stockt einem der Verstand” which roughly translated is “here my comprehension grinds to a halt”. Mine does! Sincerely, Val Geist”<<<Read More and View Photos>>>

The Daily Mail has a story about this event as well as additional photographs. Caution: Some readers might find the photographs difficult to view.