Wolves At Your Door

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BookCoverby Earl Stahl – Editors – Nancy Morrison, Linda Grosskopf

Wolves at Your Door is a factual account of the impact of wolves on big game, livestock, and people. The introduction of wolves in western states and the protection of wolves throughout the U.S., including the Midwest, has allowed the wolf populations to far exceed the maximum numbers agreed by the states and the federal government. Although Idaho and Montana have been successful in securing state management of their wolf populations, other states such as Wisconsin and Minnesota have had their state management plans overturned by a federal judge. The force of that court decision has been the unabated increase in wolf populations. While direct depredation of big game and livestock by wolves has a negative effect, stress and disease also play a major role where wolves exist. The management of wolf populations must be based on scientific facts and not on emotional positions. <<<Available on Amazon>>>