Wolf Predation on Moose in Yellowstone Region

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Big Game Forever is reporting that moose populations in the Yellowstone region are in serious trouble due to wolf preying on the species.

Idaho For Wildlife gives us links to scientific information and research to better clarify the political corruption that took place in order to justify wolf (re)introduction:

What is interesting is that Dr. [Charles] Kay and other researchers had concluded YNP did not have very many moose prior to wolf re-introduction. (See the following 3 links)

Aboriginal Overkill and the Biogeography of Moose in Western North America

Willows and Moose: A Study of Grazing Pressure, Slough Creek Exclosure, Montana, 1961-1986

Moose Population History on the Northern Yellowstone Northern Range

Then when the Feds wanted to justify wolf re-introduction, they exaggerated the moose populations by many times. This same thing occurred in Idaho when they exaggerated the prey based by 400% to justify re-introducing wolves.”

“The following link and images have been taken from the below USFWS study claiming YNP and surrounding areas had over 4,000 moose.”

Potential Ungulate Prey for Gray Wolves