Wolf Plague of Siberia That Threatens Reindeer Herd

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Reindeer herders live in fear of the growing number of dangerous beasts
Children cannot venture away from villages or travel alone for fear of attack
The government is offering hunters a £360 bounty for each wolf killed

Russia is poised for a new cull of wolves amid threats to herds of reindeer in some of the planet’s most remote villages in Siberia.
Hunters are preparing aerial shoots and laying more and more traps in a bid to eradicate a ‘menace’ believed to be responsible for killing 9,000 reindeer and 225 herd horses in the first ten months of 2013.
Few are more aware of the jeopardy the savage animals presents to traditional herding communities than 12 year old Anna Afanasyeva from the diamond-rich Sakha Republic, the largest region in Russia, which is ‘under siege’ from the ravenous predators.<<<Read More>>>