What to know about the growing wolf population debate in Germany

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After over a century and a half of extinction, wolves are back in Germany and multiplying quickly. But who exactly is affected by this growth and does it pose a threat to humans?

Creepy werewolves in the moonlight, Little Red Riding Hood and the big, bad wolf – it is easy to see that wolves have a bad image in popular culture. Conservationists, on the other hand, were delighted when the first wolves returned to Germany in the early 2000s. However, as the animals multiply, conflicts between humans and wolves are also increasing.

So how does Germany face the rising conflict of these potentially dangerous predators? On Wednesday, the Environment Committee met in the Bundestag (German parliament) to discuss the rise in wolf packs across the German states.

Gridlock in party discussions has made clear that the topic of man vs. beast has more facets than you might think. Here are some of the answers to the biggest questions facing Germany as it assesses the threat of its rising wolf population.<<<Read More>>>