Taxpayers Fund Mass Killing of Wolves in British Columbia

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*Note* It is the opinion of the editorial staff of WEI that the linked-to article is biased in favor of the protection of wolves at the cost of other species. It is not the intent of WEI in presenting readers links to news stories, to make commentary on the agreement or disagreement of information provided. It is WEI’s intent to only provide readers with news stories as they are found and presented in the media outlets. Thank you.

“As many as 184 wolves must be shot in British Columbia, Canada, in order to save the caribou, according to a statement from the provincial government. The Ministry of Forests, Lands and Natural Resource Operations announced plans on January 15 to address what they consider the threat of wolf predation in the areas of the South Selkirk Mountains and the South Peace, along the border of US states Washington and Idaho.

The caribou, one of Canada’s most recognized national symbols, “is at high risk of local extinction,” according to the ministry’s statement.

The government claims the South Selkirk caribou population declined from 46 in 2009 to just 18 as of March 2014, adding that “evidence points to wolves being the leading cause of mortality.””<<<Read More>>>