Rogue Pack of wolves kills eighth cow in SW Oregon

MEDFORD, Ore. (AP) – Authorities say gray wolf OR-7’s Rogue Pack has been blamed for killing another cow at a ranch in southwest Oregon, marking the eighth confirmed livestock kill attributed to the pack since late October.<<<Read More>>>

As Wolves Proliferate In Wisconsin, Volunteers Track Range And Numbers

Volunteers are an integral part of helping the Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources keep track of the state’s gray wolf population, which has grown in size and range over the past several decades. Data from the agency showed that during the 2017-18 winter, staff and citizen scientists tracked wolves and other predators more than 16,000 miles across the state […]

Rogue Pack of Wolves Takes Down Seventh Cow in Oregon

Authorities say gray wolf OR-7′s Rogue Pack has killed another cow at ranch southwest of Crater Lake, Oregon, marking the seventh confirmed livestock kill attributed to the pack since late October.<<<Read More>>>

“You can only find the boots of the unfortunates”

ast 200 deaths every year, and for many decades: in peace, a high death toll. Russia had to afford it in the 19th century. Almost 200 people per year fell victim to the most dangerous predator Europe knew: the wolf ( Canis lupus ). For Central Europe there are no comparable statistics. But certainly it was not a good idea […]

Idaho Farm Bureau policy priorities include wolves

Delegates from 37 county Farm Bureau organizations voted unanimously to support an Idaho Legislature mandate to state Fish and Game officials to allow USDA Wildlife Services to more aggressively control problem wolves during winter months, IFBF said in a news release. Wildlife Services partners with the state to resolve conflicts between humans and animals. Wolf […]

Letter: Why are farmers and ranchers regulated by city people?

It is an amazing thing to me that city people because of their numbers control how we are supposed to operate — even though they are unable to run a city! Since we are a minority as we represent less than 2 percent of the population and are feeding the other 98 percent, we are […]


RANCHERIA, Ore. — After a series of kills at a Klamath County ranch that had wildlife officials on guard, the wolves of the “Rogue Pack” appear to be on the move again. This time three calves were found dead in Jackson County in the Rancheria area, according to Oregon Department of Fish and Wildlife (ODFW). […]

Wolf De-Listing Bill A Win For Hunters

Press Release from the Safari Club International The U.S. House of Representatives today approved a bill that returns wolf management to states and is a step toward fixing flaws in the Endangered Species Act – something Safari Club International, on behalf of all hunters, has championed for years. H.R. 6784, the Manage Our Wolves Act, was introduced […]

Wolf war howls between western and eastern Washington

An epic and contentious battle is being waged in Washington state over the expansion of wolves. Len McIrvin describes the issue as a “war.” His family has been ranching for six generations. Today, he says wolves are threatening their livelihood.<<<Read More>>>

Christmas Lights And Pitchforks: Terrified Russian Villagers Try To Keep Encroaching Wolves At Bay

MORINO/SERYODKA, Russia — Colorful Christmas lights festoon the streets of the remote Pskov Oblast village of Morino from October until May. The cheerful decorations look more than passing strange against the background of ramshackle wooden houses and unpaved streets, but they serve a purpose. Locals are convinced the bright and blinking decorations help keep the […]