French farms don’t like wolves crammed down their throats either

The French government announced February 19 that it will allow the wolf population to grow 40% over the next five years, resisting pressure from farmers concerned about their flocks. A new strategy unveiled by the centrist government of President Emmanuel Macron will enable the number of wolves to grow to 500 by 2023 compared with an […]

Montana’s Valley County tackles wolf problem head on…

The Valley County Conservation District (VCCD) supervisors unanimously passed the following resolution at their November 2017 meeting. RESOLUTION TO DECLARE WOLVES A PREDATOR IN VALLEY COUNTY 10/02/17 WHEREAS, the Valley County Conservation District is a legal subdivision of the State of Montana; and WHEREAS, the declared policy of the Montana Conservation District Law includes, “…to […]

Trapper who shot wolf in eastern Oregon sentenced to probation, fined

PORTLAND — A trapper who shot a gray wolf after finding it caught in one of his traps has been sentenced to two years on probation and 100 hours of community service. Union County Judge Thomas Powers also suspended David Sanders’ hunting and trapping license for three years and fined him $7,500. Sanders, 58, pleaded […]

Hungry wolves push into village, attack resident’s dog

Wolves have recently been spotted close to farms and even in villages in Lääne County. The animals are driven closer to human settlements by hunger, as the African swine fever has significantly reduced the number of wild boar. On Saturday, wolves attacked a dog in the village of Pürksi.<<<Read More>>>

List of World-Wide Wolf Attacks

Here provided for readers and researchers is a list of wolf attacks that have occurred throughout the world. Simply follow this link.

Is France Going to the Dogs?

If you don’t think the animal rights extremist movement spans across the globe, consider this: Around 1930 when the last wolves were taken out of Yellowstone National Park (YNP), farmers and hunters took out the last wolves in France. Ironically, under pressure from extremist groups, both countries reintroduced wolves in the 1990s, which were protected by both […]

France could soon be home to 500 wolves as part of species conservation plan

“A plan to protect wolves in France could see their population swell to 500 in the next five years. The proposal – which would increase the number of wolves by around 40 per cent – is designed to ensure the survival of the species in France. The country’s farmers are likely to oppose the plans, having already complained about the financial losses […]

Advice to a Professor Wanting a Meet and Great Before Making Wolf Documentary

*Staff Note* – With the permission of the author, we redacted some elements of the original email for obvious reasons. Knowing the names of some involved does nothing to alter the message in the advice given. The focus and intent of this publication is a delivery of the important message.  As a preamble to the […]

WVU Student Chapter tracks wolves in Wisconsin

Nine undergraduates and one graduate student from the West Virginia University Student Chapter of The Wildlife Society were able to take part in a unique opportunity working with the Timber Wolf Information Network in Babcock, Wisconsin tracking wolves as part of their annual Track-A-Thon to collect population data for the Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources.<<<Read […]

Wolves, bears and lynx will be reintroduced to Scotland ‘over my dead body’, minister tells farmers

Wolves, bears and lynx will be reintroduced to Scotland “over my dead body”, the SNP’s Rural Economy Minister has promised as he came under intense fire over the damage beavers are causing farming. Fergus Ewing told the NFU Scotland (NFUS) annual general meeting that the reintroduction of any species that make farming more difficult “won’t […]