Biological deserts in Siberia and northern Canada

By Dr. Valerius Geist Predator pits are biological deserts in Siberia and northern Canada The show about the work and ideas of Sergei Zimov and his son Nikita, is very interesting and significant, and I for one am glad that such magnificent eccentrics exist. . All the power to their Pleistocene Park! However, please […]

Gray wolves and the black side of the “Nature knows best” dogma

Letter: Wolf recovery process ‘off the rails’

It was troubling to read recently that the Wolf Advisory Group (WAG) was used as a forum to essentially single out a producer for retribution for having repeated depredations. Even if he follows the rules and meets the depredation threshold, the environmental side is opposed to removing any more wolves. That WDFW allows the WAG […]

Arrival of wolves worries SW Oregon ranchers

WINSTON, Ore. — Livestock owners who attended the recent Douglas County Livestock Association’s Spring Conference were in total agreement that wolves would have an impact on their operations sooner rather than later. These ranchers graze cattle, sheep and goats in the foothills on the west side of the Cascade Mountains and on the east side […]

Do We Still Need To Protect Gray Wolves? Trump Administration Says No, Advocates Disagree.

The Trump administration wants to strip federal endangered species protections from gray wolves, even though a California judge ruled earlier this year that the they should remain protected in California. “After being driven to the brink of extinction, wolves today live in only a fraction of their historic range and they’ve really only just begun to return […]

Environmental Groups’ NEPA Challenge to USDA Wolf Killing Survives

On April 23, 2019, the U.S. Court of Appeals for the Ninth Circuit found that environmental groups have standing to challenge the federal government’s killing of gray wolves in Idaho without conducting additional analysis under the National Environmental Policy Act (“NEPA”). Western Watersheds Project et al. v. Grimm, No. 18-35075 (9th Cir. 2019).Environmental groups brought […]

Study: Predator effect clouded in ‘cascades’

Perhaps the most-told ecological success story about the Greater Yellowstone Ecosystem is bringing back wolves, which sparked a trickle-down effect on the web of life around them that researchers are still debating. The premise of wolf reintroduction’s effects, known as a “trophic cascade,” is that the return of a large canines cut into numbers of […]

A Fairy-Tale Baddie, the Wolf, Is Back in Germany, and Anti-Migrant Forces Pounce

FÖRSTGEN, Germany — They struck at dawn and left a trail of blood and body parts. There were six, maybe seven perpetrators. One had calmly passed Annett Hertweck’s car as she was speeding down the forest path to the scene of the massacre near the eastern village of Förstgen, Germany. Only then did she see […]

RMEF Warns of Colorado Wolf Reintroduction Ballot Initiative

Read more: Creative Commons License: AttributionFollow us: @Ammoland on Twitter | Ammoland on Facebook MISSOULA, Mont. —-( The Rocky Mountain Elk Foundation is signaling a warning about an organized ballot initiative effort just underway in Colorado seeking to forcibly introduce gray wolves into the state. “To be clear, RMEF strongly opposes the forced introduction of gray wolves to Colorado,” said Kyle […]

Plan has new rules on killing wolves that prey on livestock

SALEM — With Oregon’s wolf population growing, the Oregon Department of Fish and Wildlife on Monday issued a draft conservation and management plan that established a new timetable involving when wolves can be killed for preying on livestock. The old plan allowed for hunts after two confirmed wolf depredations of livestock in an area. The […]