Norway plans to cull more than two-thirds of its wolf population

Norway is planning to cull more than two-thirds of its remaining wolves in a step that environmental groups say will be disastrous for the dwindling members of the species in the wild. There are estimated to be about 68 wolves remaining in the wilderness areas of Norway, concentrated in the south-east of the country, but […]

Wolf delisting passes U.S. House

Wyoming’s governor supports an amendment that passed the U.S. House on Friday to restore wolf management duties in Wyoming and three other states. Wyoming wildlife regulators say they’re ready should the bill survive the U.S. Senate and get signed into law. The amendment would also halt future judicial review of federal wolf protections in the […]

Le président et le directeur du Parc de la Vanoise retenus

Le président du Parc national de la Vanoise Guy Chaumereuil (à gauche) face à une délégation conduite par Luc Etellin, président du Syndicat ovin de Savoie Source: Le président et le directeur du Parc de la Vanoise retenus

Informing the ‘misinformed’ about wolves

* Reintroduction, recovery goals are backed by questionable motivations By M. DAVID ALLEN Guest Writer (Republished on this website with permission from the author) George Wuerthner wrote May 2 about his desire to respond to “misinformation” regarding the relationship between gray wolves and elk populations across the Northern Rocky Mountains (Elk herds flourish with proper […]

Wolves in Wisconsin

In response to Wisconsin Wolf Population Still Well Over Goal: Wolves in Wisconsin Earl Stahl, Ph.D. When wolves were placed under federal protection in 1978, the population goal for Wisconsin was set at 100. That maximum was later raised to 350 at the insistence of the pro-wolf community. In a news release on April 29, […]