Wölfe töten britische Professorin

The following translations have been provided by Kaj Ganlund, author of “Das Europa der Wolf” Sudet tappoivat ja söivät naisen Kreikassa Kreikkalaisen kuolinsyyntutkijan mukaan sudet tappoivat ja söivät 62-vuotiaan eläkkeellä olleen yliopistoprofessorin Celia Hollingworthin Kreikassa. Celia Hollingworth katosi torstaina 21.9 sen jälkeen, kun hän oli ollut tutustumassa Mesimvrian arkeologiseen kohteeseen ja palaamassa jalkaisin takaisin. Hänen […]

Beach closed, dogs temporarily banned after wolf attack near Ucluelet

Wolf Education International (WEI) statement about the controversies of the existence of wolves: Wolves are the fulcrum of endless political and cultural disputes that are especially present in 21st century globalization, pitting large groups against each other. Wolf advocates accuse wolf protesters of wanting to kill every wolf. Conversely, wolf protesters accuse wolf advocates of […]

Difende per tre ore la mandria dall’attacco dei lupi

“Tre ore a difendere la mandria dall’attacco di un branco di lupi. È accaduto l’altra notte a un giovane operaio romeno che accudisce i 230 bovini di razza piemontese di Tiziano Aiassa, 34 anni, allevatore di Casalgrasso che in estate trasferisce gli animali all’alpe «Perla Formosa», 1.800 metri di quota nel vallone di San Giovanni, […]

British Skier to Lose Toes After Fleeing from Wolves

“British skier has described how he escaped from a pack of wolves in his socks after accidentally leaving the ski run and crashing into a tree while on holiday. Janveer Sandhu is suffering from severe frostbite in both legs after having to remove his heavy ski boots to run from the animals in deep snow. The […]

Jogger in Gartow: Zweifel an Wolfsbegegnung

The article was submitted to Wolf Education International by reader, Peter Kosmalla. Thank you. “Ein Jogger soll am ersten Weihnachtsfeiertag in Gartow (Landkreis Lüchow-Dannenberg) von zwei Jungwölfen an der Hand berührt worden sein. Das zumindest hatten der Jogger und der verantwortliche Wolfsberater Peter Burkhardt behauptet. Nun hat der für Wolfsfragen zuständige Landesbetrieb für Wasserwirtschaft, Küsten- […]

Over tusen personer deltok i fakkeltog for ulvetatte hunder

Da elghunden Molly ble tatt av ulv på jakt i Stavåsen 1. november, bestemte jaktkamerater seg for å arrangere fakkeltog til minne om henne og andre ulvetatte hunder i distriktet. I Sverige er det arrangert fakkeltog 12. november i flere år. Etter hvert kom andre steder i Norge med, og torsdagens arrangement i Leiret var […]

Shepherds Fight Back After 129th Wolf Attack

Sheep carcasses are being dumped on roundabouts north of Carros, highlighting a recent wolf attack which killed around two dozen sheep just outside the village of Roquebillière. The number of attacks is on the rise and farmers are demanding action.

Lessinia, i lupi stavolta sbranano un labrador (Wolves Devour Lab)

“Non solo pecore e mucche. I lupi della Lessinia questa volta attaccano e sbranano un povero Labrador a Bosco Chiesanuova. Ce lo racconta Lucia Scardoni, proprietaria di Tommy. Ci ha invitato anche le foto cruente della carcassa del suo cane, sperando così di sensibilizzare chi ancora considera i lupi in Lessinia non pericolosi per l’uomo.” […]

1906: Wolves Killing Off Deer in Wisconsin, Minnesota and Michigan

*Editor’s Note* – Below is a teaser with a link to the original archive of the New York Times, where the article is copy-written and protected. It was published on May 26, 1907 as a special to the New York Times. – History of Wolves Wolves Killing Off Deer Threaten to Exterminate Them in Michigan […]

Numerous Accounts of Surplus Kills by Wolves

Swedish Wolf Slaughters 20 Lambs in Killing Spree: “A blood-thirsty wolf in central Sweden went on a killing spree leaving seven animals dead, while a further 13 had to put down as a result of injuries sustained in the attack.” In this report is it stated in regards to the 20 lambs that were killed […]