Bill would end state protections for Wisconsin’s growing wolf population

“Some northern Wisconsin legislators are proposing a bill that would end the state’s efforts to manage wolves and force police to ignore wolf killings, unless the federal government removes the animals from the endangered species list. The Republican lawmakers — Reps. Adam Jarchow, Mary Felzkowski and Romaine Quinn, along with Sen. Tom Tiffany — released […]

Red Cliff Tribe To Trap, Collar Wolves This Fall

*Staff Note* – It is found to be troubling that $75,000 in grant money is being spent because “We’re curious if they [wolves] harass farms…bear dogs and things like that.” (emboldening added) “We’re curious if they harass farms, if they harass bear dogs and things like that,” he said. “We’re trying to mitigate conflict and […]

Johnson Endorses Advancement of Bipartisan Wildlife Bill Containing Gray Wolf Delist Provision

Senator Johnson is applauding the work of Senator John Barrasso (R-WY), chairman of the Senate’s Committee on Environment and Public Works (EPW), who has introduced and advanced bipartisan legislation containing the language of S.164, Johnson’s bill requiring the removal of endangered species act protections for the gray wolf in four states.  Barrasso’s bill, S. 1514, […]

RMEF Calls for Delisting of Growing Great Lakes Wolf Population

“The Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources (DNR) detected an estimated minimum wolf population of 925-956 wolves during 2016-2017, representing a 6.8 percent increase from 2015-2016. In light of the Great Lakes wolf population numbering well above original recovery goals, the Rocky Mountain Elk Foundation calls for delisting and/or Congressional action to allow state agencies the […]

Wisconsin wolf population approaching 1,000

The figures from Department of Natural Resources monitoring show between 925 and 952 wolves roam the state. That’s up from 866 to 897 wolves last winter, then a record high. The current population could be higher. Volunteer trackers counted wolves during the winter, when the population reaches its lowest point before pups are born.<<<Read More>>> […]

Wisconsin Wolf Population Continues to Grow

Midwest, Wyoming lawmakers target wolf protections again

Wolf Education International position of the perpetuation of wolf hybrids: It is the position of the majority members of Wolf Education International that the breeding, perpetuation and protection of hybrid, and/or canine mixtures, in the wild and under the claim of sustaining a wolf species or subspecies, is wrong scientifically as well as poses a […]

Effects of Wolves and Other Predators on Farms in Wisconsin: Beyond Verified Losses

The following was taken from the Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources:  

Wolves targeted as Congress moves to de-fang Endangered Species Act

WASHINGTON, DC — House Republicans in Congress are pursuing bipartisan legislation that would drop federal protections for gray wolves in the Great Lakes region and give population management control back to hunting-friendly states amid broader plans to overhaul the federal Endangered Species Act. The bill to remove the gray wolf from the endangered list in […]

Wisconsin Wolf Detection Maps

Our friends at Wisconsin Wolf Facts, have posted two maps officially locating wolves in the state of Wisconsin. The maps where provided by the Department of Natural Resources. You can view the maps at the following links: Wolves Detected in Wisconsin in Winter of 2015-2016 2015 Detected Wolf Packs