Letter: Will N. Graves to USFWS Wolf-Carried Diseases – October 3, 1993

1. Diseases, Worms, and Parasites. I was surprised that the DEIS (Draft Environmental Impact Statement) did not make a detailed study on the impact issue of diseases, worms, and parasites (page 9). I believe an EIS is not complete without a detailed study covering the diseases, worms and parasites that wolves would carry, harbor, and […]

Wolves in Russia: Anxiety Through the Ages

This book is a unique review of wolves as experienced in a culture much different than ours in North America. This book summarizes the massive research on wolves, particular those in Russia. The killing of humans by wolves is generally suppressed as reading material. This book documents the fear of Russian people because of the […]

The Real Wolf: The Science, Politics, and Economics of Co-Existing with Wolves in Modern Times

by Ted B. Lyon and Will N. Graves edited by Linda Grosskopf and Nancy Morrison foreword by Tom Remington published by Skyhorse Publishing, New York How have thriving elk populations of thousands dwindled to mere hundreds in just a matter of years? Author Ted B. Lyon asserts the wolf is at fault. He also blames […]