Map: Wolf Distribution in Finland, Sweden and Norway

The map comes from a report, “Predatory Behavior of Wolves in Scandinavia.”

Sweden Wolf Hunt Suit Dismissed, Will Appeal to European Court of Justice

On the 28th of January, 2015, the pro-wolf lawsuit against the wolf hunt was dismissed in Sweden, once again, on the grounds that they cannot attack hunting regulations. However, the Supreme Court in Sweden is taking the matter to the European Court of Justice. The “environmental protection agency” claims that the refusal to attack hunting […]

Hotly disputed: Court pulls plug on a wolf hunt

Sweden: A Swedish court has pulled the plug on a wolf hunt due to start yesterday, favouring animal rights activists in one of the country’s most hotly disputed environmental issues.

Are Wolves on the Loose in Sweden’s Capital?

“Officials in Stockholm say they have found evidence that a wolf pack has formed in the south of the city, including tracks, droppings and urine spotted when snow fell earlier this week.”

Numerous Accounts of Surplus Kills by Wolves

Swedish Wolf Slaughters 20 Lambs in Killing Spree: “A blood-thirsty wolf in central Sweden went on a killing spree leaving seven animals dead, while a further 13 had to put down as a result of injuries sustained in the attack.” In this report is it stated in regards to the 20 lambs that were killed […]