Would you welcome a wolf in your back yard?

Earlier this year, two unexpected guests crossed the sea to reach the largest of the Åland Islands, an archipelago of 6,700 mostly tiny isles between Sweden and Finland. The long, hard winter had frozen the Baltic more extensively than for many a year. A daring few among 30,000 Åland islanders drove their cars over the ice […]

Swedish hunters kill 22 wolves in a week

Five wolves were shot by Swedish hunters on Saturday morning, meaning they have killed 22 out of the 24 wolves for which licences have been granted after just one week. Environmental campaigners sharply criticised the decision by the Supreme Administrative Court of Sweden’s decision to issue licenses to hunt wolves on December 30, accusing it […]

Sweden allows wolf hunt despite outcry

A top Swedish court has allowed the hunting of 24 wolves early in 2017 in a decision slammed by environmental campaigners who fear a shooting spree could put the species at risk.<<<Read More>>>

Sweden’s wild wolf numbers going down

Sweden’s population of wolves is declining, with experts announcing on Wednesday that there are currently an estimated 340 left in the country, down by 20 percent from the previous year. Source: Sweden’s wild wolf numbers going down

Wolf hunting starts in parts of central Sweden

Under a temporary ruling, 14 animals can be killed until the hunting season ends on February 15 unless the Supreme Administrative Court issues a final decision ahead of that date. Sweden’s Environmental Protection Agency estimates that the wolf population stands at just over 400 and recommends it be kept at that level through regulated hunting. […]

Over tusen personer deltok i fakkeltog for ulvetatte hunder

Da elghunden Molly ble tatt av ulv på jakt i Stavåsen 1. november, bestemte jaktkamerater seg for å arrangere fakkeltog til minne om henne og andre ulvetatte hunder i distriktet. I Sverige er det arrangert fakkeltog 12. november i flere år. Etter hvert kom andre steder i Norge med, og torsdagens arrangement i Leiret var […]

Sweden to study Russian wolf DNA

The number of wolves in Sweden, around 400, is so low that there is a definite danger of inbreeding. Earlier this month the Environmental Protection Agency released a report that said the country needs at least 300 wolves to maintain a healthy population. Source: Sweden to study Russian wolf DNA

Wolf snatches puppy in ‘scared’ Swedish town – The Local

“I asked one of the hunters I know what to do and he told me it was good to get it out so that the authorities start to understand how it is for us,” he said. “I have talked to the neighbours and now they are afraid for their animals…just a few weeks ago a […]

Wolves, Resurgent and Protected, Vex Swedish Farmers

With a wolf population that is resurgent and now protected, Sweden has a conflict that pits farmers and hunters against environmentalists and European officials, who object to culling the animals. Source: Wolves, Resurgent and Protected, Vex Swedish Farmers

Sweden: Wolves Will Be Shot if Threaten Livestock

“Wolves should be killed if they pose a threat to livestock, according to the Swiss parliament. This is a significant change to the current law, which allows for such killing only if a wolf has first caused damage.”