Analysis/Commentary: Cost of Wolves Calculable

Below is a “snap shot”, simplistic view of the economic impact of wolves on rural communities based upon a six year, ongoing study conducted by Dr. Doug Johnson, OSU, Dr. Larry Larson, OSU, and John Williams, OSU – Beef Extension specialist – Wallowa County. Specific details are available through these individuals. Economic Impact on a […]

Map: Wolf Distribution in Finland, Sweden and Norway

The map comes from a report, “Predatory Behavior of Wolves in Scandinavia.”

A Case History of Wolf-Human Encounters In Alaska and Canada

by Mark E. McNay Executive Summary Currently there are an estimated 59,000 – 70,000 wolves (Canis lupus) in Alaska and Canada. Past reviews of wolf-human interactions concluded that wild, healthy wolves in North American present little threat to human safety. However, since 1970 some cases have appeared in the published literature documenting wolf aggression toward […]

Wolf Scholarship and Studies Listed by Topic of Discussion

Wolf Behavior 1. When Do Wolves Become Dangerous to Humans? – Dr. Valerius Geist – Published September 2007 to be presented to judge and jury in Kenton Carnegie trial to determine cause of death. 2. A Case History of Wolf-Human Encounters In Alaska and Canada – By Mark E. McNay Hybridization/Gene Flow/ 1. Gene Flow […]