Christmas Lights And Pitchforks: Terrified Russian Villagers Try To Keep Encroaching Wolves At Bay

MORINO/SERYODKA, Russia — Colorful Christmas lights festoon the streets of the remote Pskov Oblast village of Morino from October until May. The cheerful decorations look more than passing strange against the background of ramshackle wooden houses and unpaved streets, but they serve a purpose. Locals are convinced the bright and blinking decorations help keep the […]

Let rich tourists hunt wolves by helicopter to solve Siberia’s wolf epidemic

Wealthy Russian and foreign tourists should be offered helicopter hunting trips to shoot wolves in Yakutia, where they are causing a growing threat to livestock. The region’s 12,000 wolves are costing $2.5 million a year in damage to reindeer and horse herds. Wolves killed more than 9,000 reindeer and 500-plus horses, it is reported. Measures taken […]

A Report on Farley Mowat’s book “Never Cry Wolf”

By Will N. Graves May 2017 Many Western authors claim that Farley Mowat’s book, “Never Cry Wolf,” proves that wolves in northern areas do not live by preying on caribou, but live from eating lemmings and small animals. His book was highly successful. He sold about 14 million copies, and it was translated into 24 […]

Children forced to arm themselves with axes to fend off WOLVES and BEARS in Russia

  Children are given axes to protect them from rogue wolves in a forest  They have to walk to school in the Russian republic of Bashkortostan  A wolf was spotted on the path recently but the bears are hibernating    Children walking to school in a region of Russia have been armed with axes because of […]

The Revenant Russian style: Man strangles attacking rabid wolf with bare hands

A man in the Rostov region in southern Russia killed a rabid wolf barehanded after the animal attacked him, a woman, and a dog. The wolf came into a village at dawn. He first bit a woman who was working in the yard outside her house, and then launched itself at the dog in front […]


Abstract According to official statistics, in the Republic of Bashkortostan (RB) since 1991 there is noted the increase in the number of patients with cystic echinococcosis. In 2012, the number of recorded cases increased by 55.3% if compared with 2007. In the areas of RB, where there was observed the high index of population morbidity […]

Wolf Plague of Siberia That Threatens Reindeer Herd

WARNING: GRAPHIC CONTENT Reindeer herders live in fear of the growing number of dangerous beasts Children cannot venture away from villages or travel alone for fear of attack The government is offering hunters a £360 bounty for each wolf killed Russia is poised for a new cull of wolves amid threats to herds of reindeer […]

Pensioner Eaten by Wolf Just 50 Metres From Her Home

A pensioner eaten by a WOLF was just 50 metres from her home when she was savaged by the beast. The half-eaten remains of Lima Ankudinova, 77, were discovered in a pool of blood by horrified neighbours. The elderly woman was making her way home through thick snow when she was attacked by the animal, […]

Historic Facts When Wolves Are Over Protected

In response to an article presented on an activist website exclaiming the “victory” of when a United States federal judge, Beryl Howell, placed gray wolves back under government protection due to a self-perceived interpretation of the Endangered Species Act and disregard for existing laws, Will Graves offers a blunt reminder of global historic accounts of […]

Russian Region to Reduce Wolves From 3,500 to 500

MOSCOW, Jan 15 (Reuters) – It’s open season on wolves across a wide swathe of Siberia. Worried about attacks by wolves that are devouring reindeer in increasing numbers, the leader of Russia’s vast Sakha Republic issued a decree on Tuesday initiating a three-month hunt targeting the predators. The goal is to bring the wolf population […]